The SikaBiresin® RockCast product range offers the whole package for producing innovative and high aesthetic climbing holds.


Within the last years, the trend in climbing holds production goes from polyester to polyurethane material, due to many advantages of the polyurethane material:


  • Freedom in design and less brittleness of material
  • UV stability for outdoor applications
  • Reduced chipping and no breaks
  • Easy cleaning
  • Lightweight for easy carrying
  • Good pigmenting for freedom in creativity

RockCast-150 is a two component unfilled fastcast polyurethane resin for making series of climbing holds. A pot life of 2.5 minutes and a short curing time offers short cycles times in combination with high mechanical properties.


This unfilled material is the perfect system to fulfill the requirements of the climbing hold market in terms of mechanical properties and processing, as well as in competition with polyester, which is harmful for health. The main characters of the fastcast resin are a high abrasion resistance as well as a high temperature resistance. Furthermore the balance between pot life and demoulding time help to produce small and medium climbing holds <5 kg in an efficient way.  


The RockCast range offers – beside the resin itself – a full package from mould making silicone to colour pigment:


  • Unfilled fastcast polyurethane resin
  • Potlife 2,5 min

Biresin® Colour Paste:

  • Six aesthetic colours for easy pigmenting and high UV stability      
  • Available in blue, yellow, green, red, black and white
  • Easy handling and easy to dose

Essil 222:

  • The dedicated silicone for flexible climbing grip moulds
  • Polyaddition silicone elastomer with hardness Shore A22 for easy demoulding

Sika® Liquid Spray-872:

  • The release agent for higher output of the mould
  • Sprayable for easy handling