With our hardeners SikaBiresin® CH80-1 and SikaBiresin® CH80-2 you demould silently and without causing any damage and that is precisely why productivity can be increased with a simple and risk-free demoulding. 

Our goal to achieve even better curing properties after curing at room temperature (23 °C) was clearly exceeded. With the new developed hardeners SikaBiresin® CH80-1 and SikaBiresin® CH80-2, demoulding after curing at room temperature is possible. The risks of cracks during demoulding is significantly reduced. After a development period of several months and a large serie of tests in our technical department, the material was given to selected customers for a field test phase. Because the feedbacks were consistently positive, so we have planned the roll-out of these two hardeners for March 2020.

These hardeners are to be used with the epoxy resins Biresin® CR82 and Biresin® CR80.

Our Biresin® CR82 is known as a very easy to use hand laminating system while our Biresin® CR80 is recommended for vacuum infusion process when good quality of the laminate and non-porous surfaces are required.


Your added value:

  • Same mixing ratio of the systems:
    Biresin® CR80 as usual 100:30 (by weight), Biresin® CR82 with 100:27 (by weight), reducing the risk of dosing errors significantly.

  • The hardeners can be mixed with each other to achieve further potlifes (and a wide range of processing times). This reduces the number of hardener systems to be used.

  • By using the same hardener systems for hand laminating and vacuum infusion, fewer components are required. Thus, less storage space in your warehouses is needed and you can save costs in logistics.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions about our new hardener systems.

Demoulding with SikaBiresin® CH80-1, silently and without causing any damage.