Sika Advanced Resins USA

  • Tooling


    For model, mould and tool making we can offer a wide range of board materials, model pastes and liquid resin system

  • Composites


    For the production of high quality parts we can supply you with a wide range of high performance composite resins

  • Structural Adhesives

    Structural Adhesives

    We have been formulating tailor-made polyurethane and epoxy adhesive systems for the past 70 years for a variety of highly demanding markets on a worldwide basis.

  • Technical Casting

    Technical Casting

    Special solutions for series production such as special coatings for printing rollers, filter casting, decorative and edge casting.

  • Dielectric


    Our resin formulations satisfy the most demanding requirements of potting, encapsulation and casting applications in numerous industries, including electronic devices, automotive and aerospace.