11/05/2018 - Advanced Engineering show 2018 at Birmingham

The “Advanced Engineering” exhibition was held during 31st October & 1st November at the NEC, Birmingham (United Kingdom). This was SikaAxson UK’s third year of showcasing our expertise and innovation within Composites and Tooling.

Established as the UK’s largest annual composites event and covers the entire value chain across raw materials, design and processing. The exhibition showcases the latest advances in engineering, converging innovations & developments to enable UK manufacturers to compete and grow in an ever-competitive global market.

Advanced Engineering has allowed SikaAxson to not only make new connections and meet new customers but improve and enhance our existing business and to help them find solutions for their projects.

This year saw a 50% increase in VIP attendance from the previous with over 600
Exhibitors under one roof. It also increased the number of zones from 5 to 6 this year with focus on Composites Engineering, Aero Engineering, Performance Metals Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Connected Manufacturing and Nuclear Engineering.

Automotive wheel made of SikaBiresin® CR165/CH135-4

The Biresin® CR165 system is an epoxy resin system designed especially to be impact resistant but still be able to resist higher temperatures.


- High impact thoughness
- High TG compatible for ceramic breaking systems
- Excellent compatibility with RTM process 

Polyurethane RIM part production made of SikaBiresin® RG53/U5

The SikaBiresin® RG53/U5 is a low pressure and flame retardant RIM system


  • Innovative, fast & cost effective method for low to medium volume part production
  • Matches mechanical performance of PP/ABS type materials
  • Inexpensive PU or GRP tooling
  • Low cycle time of 1 part every 20 mins approx.
  • Resin can be pigmented or ‘In Mould Coated’ to meet any RAL colour requirement

Production of high temperature pre-preg patterns Lab975N/H8973-GC15

Lab 975New bonded with H8973-GC15 is a master models for EP prepregs or heat curing composite tools or parts, short run vacuum forming moulds.


  • Low odour
  • Optimised bonding process to eliminate bond line transferal
  • Seamless part and mould production
  • Optimised bonding process to eliminate bond line transferal
  • Bespoke adhesive formulated to match CTE, Density, shore hardness and colour
  • Available in thickness up to 200mm


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