Sika Advanced Resins is a major player in the electrical insulation market and is part of Sika AG; a world leading manufacturer within the automotive adhesives market. This combination reinforces its organization to continue in the development within the potting and encapsulation resin market. Already established in Europe, China, and USA, our R&D rely on Sika's advanced research center based in Switzerland.

Our worldwide presence and the close relationship we have with our automotive customers allow us to focus and develop products in line with their specific needs for future requirements. 

Already present in the production of electronic components for safety and comfort, Sika Advanced Resins is committed in the reduction of CO2 with the new generation of Electric and Hybrid vehicles (ex: high temperature resistance with high thermal conductivity technology).

This new generaiton of vehicle revolutionizes the design of cars, thus generating needs for innovative materials to meet challenging requirements.

The management of heat transfer is the main technical challenge for manufacturers of electric and hybrid vehicles. Sika Advanced Resins, with its knowhow and experience can offer solutions for protection, electrical isolation and heat transfer solutions along the current path from the connector, the on-board charger, the battery, the electric motor as well as the control and regulation elements.

Based on its extensive knowledge of two-components thermosets, Sika Advanced Resins offers polyurethane and epoxy systems in a wide range of hardness's ranging from 20 Shore A to 90 Shore D and thermal conductivies ranging from 0,7W/m.K to 2.0W/m.K. 

Discover RE12461, the resin for all batteries


Used for:

  • Battery system: lithium battery cell assembly
  • Battery data collector: protection of electronic component


  • Thermal conductivity
  • Protection of electronic components
  • Absorb the vibration
  • Easy to dispense
  • Flame retardant (UL94V0)