SikaBiresin® RE896 – stator encapsulation for E motor for electric and hybrid cars as well as buses and trucks.

Our SikaBiresin® RE896 offers you an easy encapsulation process with good performance to thermal shock tests.

Already present in the protection of electronic components for safety and comfort, Sika Advanced Resins is committed in the reduction of CO2 with the new generation of Electric and Hybrid vehicles.

This new generation of vehicle revolutionizes the design of automobiles thus generating a need for innovative materials to meet new challenging requirements, especially in the area of battery systems where we are used to answer your demands for fire protected light weight and crash resistant structures.

You will find in our SikaBiresin® RE 896 a two component hot cure epoxy resin,
designed for your needs to encapsulate stator motor with epoxy resin.

SikaBiresin® RE896’s added value:

- Low CTE 35 ppm/k

-  High temperature resistance up to 180 °C

-  No crack after thermal shock -45 / +180 °C (testing: 150 cycles 600 hours)

-  Good thermal conductivity 1.0 W/mK

-  Good adhesion on aluminum, copper

-  Better performance compare to varnish process

You will find in this product the perfect system to fulfill your requirements in thermal stability and therefore be able to replace the traditional stator varnish.