A broad pallette of block materials, paste systems and liquid resins are available for making model, moulds and tooling. In model making, these materials can be used to produce, amongst others, design, styling and cubing models, data control and foundry models. In mould and tool building, we offer products for the production of negatives, laminated moulds and various tools for vacuum drawing or sheet metal forming tools.

Also in the foundry sector, abrasion resistant boards and elastomeric casting resins are used to produce models for sand moulds as well as tools (core boxes) for sand core casting.

Our board materials can be divided into various board types with densities varying from 0.08 to 1.67 kg/l. Depending on specific requirements, the materials are defined by their mechanical and thermal properties. During the development of each board type in the various density classes, optimal surface finish, first class workability and good dimensional stability are very much to the fore.

Model paste systems offer an extra dimension when a continuous closed surface without annoying glue lines is needed. These paste systems are principally used for production of large plugs and moulds. Close contour machining and a lightweight substructure ensure weight and cost advantages, which become particularly important when large models are

In the range of liquid resins we have not only a wide palette of casting resins but also gelcoats and laminating resins. Models, tools and moulds with a wide variety of properties – for instance abrasion, thermal and solvent resistance – can be produced quickly and economically using these materials.