We have been formulating tailor-made polyurethane and epoxy adhesive systems for the past 70 years for a variety of highly demanding markets on a worldwide basis. Today, We offer high end value adhesive resins for composite in automotive, aerospace, marine, general industry and windmill industries.


Polyurethane – Structural bonding for dissimilar materials and high impact

We are offering a unique range of two components PU adhesives offering a unique balance between structural properties and toughness. Polyurethane adhesives are used when dissimilar ADHESIVES FOR COMPOSITES material has to be join (CTE gap absorption), or when strong impact resistance is required.


Epoxy – Structural bonding with high modulus or temperature resistance

Structural epoxy adhesives are suitable for assembly where stiffness is required. They also keep good performances with temperature increase and under chemical stress.


Methacrylate – Multipurpose bonding

MMA-adhesives are recommended for bonding metal or plastic when operating conditions (like temperature) are not regulate.This specific chemistry allows a curing at low temperatures.

Flexible and semi rigid structural adhesives:

  • Combination of flexibility & structural performance.
  • Wide range of viscosities adapted to your application.
  • Vertical, thick, high-speed, robotic, thin layers or gap-filling.
  • Shock resistance, vibration absorption.
  • Approved for their performance and the durability of the assembly by rail, automotive & aerospace industries.
  • High peel resistance.


High modulus and chemical resistant structural adhesives:

  • Wide range of open times adjustable to the size of your parts & viscosities according to your application: vertical, thin layers or injection.
  • Outstanding ageing resistance (humidity, temperature, solvent or UV).
  • Manual or machine processes