Adhesives and Putty Fillers for Block Materials and Modelling Pastes

The adhesive and putty filler systems are specially adapted to Sika Advanced Resins boards. This relates to colour and mechanical-physical properties. This results in a similiar behaviour regarding machinability and subsequent use in application.


In the development of adhesives, special attention is paid to achieving a sufficiently high degree of adhesive strength and rapid curing.


The creamy-soft consistence of the putty fillers results in easy application properties. They are also suitable for levelling, repairing and moulding of models and negatives out of tooling resins, wood and metal etc. for model, mould and tool making.

Release Agents

High-grade release agents, cleaners and activators provide an optimal surface pre-treatment.

Surface Preperation

High-grade an optimal surface pre-treatment.

Fillers and Additives


These materials in powder and granulate form can modify different properties of laminating and casting resins: lower shrinkage and exothermic temperature and higher casting thickness, higher compressive strength or thermal conductivity, reducing of material costs.


Additives are added to liquid systems in order to reach a specific thixotropy, thinning, acceleration or colouring of products.