Product Description

  • 2-K epoxy adhesive
  • colourless
  • good adhesion
  • thixotropic
  • suitable for most of the tooling boards such as SikaBlock® M945 and LAB 850

Characteristics and Advantages

  • Thixotropic consistency, optimal wetting properties
  • Very high adhesive strength and mechanical data
  • High heat distortion temperature
  • Favourable physiological characteristics
  • Glued joints hardly visible (semi-transparent)
  • Good chemical resistance, against water, mineral oils and grease


  • For mechanically high-tensile bonding of SikaBlock® tooling boards for manufacture of foundry models, metal sheet forming tools and other models
  • For bonding especially of SikaBlock® M940, M960, M970, M1000 und M1050


colourless to yellowish


Biresin® Power Adhesive Thix (A+B) Pack: 6 x 0.9 kg net resin (A); 6 x 0.3 kg net hardner (B) in a box