Product Description

  • light beige
  • 1-K, easy to use
  • Suitable for: all Labelite and SikaBlocks from M80 till M330

Characteristics and Advantages

  • Strong adhesive performance - failure occurs within the materials being bonded and not on the bond-line
  • Curing by humidity, no mixing necessary
  • Fast curing to a specific light-weight fine cellulare foam
  • No rigid bonding line - Shore hardness, density as well as physical and milling behavior adapted to design boards
  • Especially suitable for SikaBlock® M80 and M160 (also in colour) and M300


For gluing of SikaBlock® design boards by manufacture od design-, styling- and view models as well as laminating moulds and negatives 




Biresin® Foam Adhesive: 0.75 l; 5 l