Product Description

  • Polyester putty
  • orange, brown or white
  • Spachtel orange is suitable for all Labelite® and SikaBlock® boards up to density 450
  • Spachtel braun is suitable for Prolab and SikaBlock® boards around density 700
  • Spachtel weiß is suitable for all boards of middle and higher densities
  • this putty filler has excellent adhesion, is non-sticky, cures quickly and is easy to sand

Characteristics and Advantages

  • Good adhesion
  • Fast curing with non sticky surface
  • Easy to sand
  • Colour and mechanical properties (after curing and sanding) adjusted to SikaBlock® boardmaterials


For modelling, equalising and repair of mastermodels, copy models, negatives in model, tooland mould making 


orange, brown or white


Component A in tins
Biresin® Spachtel (A) orange       6 x 1.26 kg net tins (A) in a box
Biresin® Spachtel (A) braun         6 x 1.76 kg net tins (A) in a box
Biresin® Spachtel (A) weiß           6 x 1.96 kg net tins (A) in a box


Component A in cartridges
Biresin® Spachtel (A) braun KT     2 x 8.34 kg net cartridges
Biresin® Spachtel (A) weiß KT       2 x 9.84 kg net cartridges


Component B in tubes    BPO-Paste (B)   6 x 0.04 kg net in a box (for tins)
Component B in sticks    BPO-Paste (B)   2 x 0.16 kg net (for cartridges)