Product Description

  • fast setting polyurethane putty, odor-free and easy to sand
  • it is a  perfect match repair putty for medium density boards having the same PUR chemistry

Characteristics and Advantages

  • Easy mixing ratio, 100 : 100, by weight or by volume
  • Easy to mix and to apply with a spatula
  • Fast setting; sanding after 20 min. at 25°C
  • Can be applied on any material (metal, wood, composites, polyurethane or polystyrene foams,polyester,…), except for some thermoplastics and silicones
  • Very smooth grain after sanding
  • Low density
  • Almost no shrinkage (< 0,01% on 10 mm thick sample)
  • Odour-free, not flammable
  • Can be applied at temperatures from 0°C to 60°C


EASYMAX is a soft and odour-free PUR putty. It cures quickly and has excellent adhesion on varying substrates. It has low density and is especially suitable for repairs, filling of low density macinable block materials. It is also useful in the making of fillets and the splining of surfaces of  any material.

It is especially useful in bonding of Prolab boards and Biresin® M600, M680 and M700 boards


grey, brown or beige

6 x 0.25 Kg cans 6 x 0.25 Kg cans  

12 x catridges of 50 ml  

12 x catridges of 400 ml