Product Description

  • green PUR board
  • density: 1.3 g/cm³
  • simple and reliable bonding (without previous grinding)
  • very good milling behaviour
  • high abrasion and swelling resistance
  • best edge stability and rib stiffness

Characteristics and Advantages

  • excellent milling properties
  • easy bonding
  • low CTE value
  • high abrasion resistance
  • very high compressive and flexural strength as well as edge stability
  • dense surface with good slipping properties


Homogenous polyurethane foam board used in various modeling applications: proof cut of CNC milling software program, mock-ups, design or styling works,
core support for large dimensions models (clay, epoxy/PU pastes or wet lay-up FRP).




1000 mm x 500 mm x  30 mm,  30 pieces / pallet
1000 mm x 500 mm x  50 mm,  36 pieces / pallet
1000 mm x 500 mm x  75 mm,  24 pieces / pallet
1000 mm x 500 mm x 100 mm, 18 pieces / pallet 


Biresin® Power Adhesive Thix, resin (A): 6 x 0.9 kg net in a box
Biresin® Power Adhesive, hardener (B): 6 x 0.3 kg net in a box
Biresin® Kleber grün Neu, AB Pack: 6 x 1 kg net resin (A); 6 x 0.5 kg net hardener (B) in a box
Biresin® HC586, accelerator (C): 0.5 kg net