Product Description

  • tough-elastic with shore hardness of approx. A 98 / D 54
  • high rebound elasticity
  • good flowability fast curing
  • high tensile strength and high abrasion resistance
  • with hardener Biresin® U1419 for smaller core boxes and short demoulding time (potlife 6-7 min)
  • with hardener Biresin® U1458 for bigger core boxes (potlife 20 min)
  • with Biresin® U1419L for increased potlife

Characteristics and Advantages

  • Insensitive to moisture
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • good impact resistance and tensile strength
  • good chemical resistance
  • good temperature resistance
  • dyeable with Biresin® Farbpasten


  • That shore hardness of around A 98 offers highest abrasion resistance of core boxes also opposite the shooting nozzles due to the high rebound elasticity
  • Casting of abrasion and impact resistant mouldings and tools, e. g. core boxes
  • Casting of tough-elastic coatings


As casting resin for the foundry industry: coloured-transparent
As vacuum casting resin: yellowish-transparent


Biresin® U1419 (A+B) Pack: 6 x 1 kg net resin (A); 6 x 0.16 kg net hardener (B) in a box
Biresin® U1419 resin: 200 kg; 10 kg; 1 kg net
Biresin® U1419 hardener: 16 kg; 1.6 kg net
Biresin® U1458 hardener: 1,8 kg; 6 x 0,18 kg net
Biresin® U1419L hardener: 5kg; 0.9 kg net