Biresin® U1404


Variable hardness:

  • with hardener Biresin® U1404 for Shore hardness A 40
  • with hardener Biresin® U1434 for Shore hardness A 55
  • with hardener Biresin® U1404 + U1419 L for Shore hardness A 47-80


  • insensitive to moisture
  • very soft, high elongation at break
  • good tensile strength and elasticity
  • very low shrinkage
  • dyeable with Biresin® Farbpasten

Application fields:

Ceramic industry; flexible moulds and components

UR 3440


  • shore hardness A 63
  • low viscosity
  • low moisture sensitivity
  • good abrasion resistance
  • good dimensional stability

Application fields:

Production of parts requiring high properties (seals, soft moulds, sanding mask etc).

UR 3450


Variable hardness:

  • with UR 3450 POLYOL: Shore hardness A 80
  • with UR 3460 POLYOL: Shore hardness A 85


  • good tear resistance
  • very good hydrolysis and chemical resistance
  • high abrasion resistance
  • good elongation at break

Application fields:

Production of semi flexible moulds, forming tools or parts requiring good abrasion resistance and tear resistance properties

Biresin® U1305


  • shore hardness A89
  • hard rubber-elastic
  • acceleratable by HC586
  • low shrinkage
  • high tear strength
  • very high abrasion resistant 

Application fields:

Wear resistant coating and all abrasion resistant parts

Biresin® U1409


  • new technology giving friendly use product
  • Shore hardness A 92
  • 1:1 mix ratio and low viscosity
  • resistant to high frequency vibration
  • insensitive to moisture
  • good tear strength and elasticity

Application fields:

flexible fixtures for ultra sonic welding equipments; flexible moulds