Biresin® U1303

Variable hardness:

  • with Biresin® U1302 Shore hardness A73
  • with Biresin® U1402 Shore hardness A81
  • with Biresin® U1419 Shore hardness A90


  • rubbery
  • good tensile strength and elasticity
  • low shrinkage
  • insensitive to moisture
  • high elongation and good tear strength

Applications fields:
Casting of flexural moulds for ceramic industry; moulds for concrete mouldings; flexible mouldings

UR 7801


  • Shore hardness A 63
  • filled system
  • easy sanding after curing
  • not moisture sensitive
  • no shrinkage in volume
  • chemical resistance to release agents

Application fields:

Ceramic case moulds by hand casting