GC1 050


  • white epoxy gelcoat
  • proven standard gelcoat for models and negatives
  • GC14 reduced toxicity (without Bisphenol A)
  • good spreading and covering properties
  • easily workable


Application fields:

  • Master models
  • Negatives and gauges

GC1 080


  • blue epoxy gelcoat
  • high resistance to chemicals
  • easy to apply


Application fields with B-component GC 11:

  • Ceramic moulds, applicable on plaster models


Application fields with B-component GC 14:

  • Ceramic moulds


Biresin® S8


  • black epoxy gelcoat
  • good spreading and grinding properties
  • polishable to high gloss
  • good heat and styrene resistance


Application fields:

  • Vacuumforming moulds and master models
  • Moulds for composite production
  • Ceramic moulds