Product Description

  • good spreading and grinding properties
  • polishable to high gloss
  • good heat and styrene resistance



Characteristics and Advantages

  • black epoxy gelcoat
  • polishable to high gloss
  • good grindability
  • good spreading properties
  • good heat resistance up to 130 °C
  • dense surface and good edge stability
  • good styrene resistance



  • Gelcoat for manufacture of master models and gauges
  • Gelcoat for manufacture of negative moulds e.g. for composite production
  • Gelcoat for manufacture of vacuumforming moulds
  • Gelcoat for other heatable production facilities




Biresin® S8 (A+B): 6 x 0.4 kg net resin (A); 6 x 0.08 kg net hardener (B) in a box

Biresin® S8 resin (A): 8 kg; 0.4 kg net
Biresin® S8 hardener (B): 1.6 kg; 0.8 net