Biresin® L84


  • yellowish-transparent
  • high mechanical properties
  • high-grade laminating system for multipurpose use different hardeners to reach various viscosity and potlife 
  • with L84 T hardener for heat resistant moulds (e.g. vacuumforming)


Application fields:

  • Laminating moulds
  • Vacuumforming moulds
  • Heat resistant backfillings

Biresin® CR172


  • colourless to brownish
  • optimized viscosity
  • good impregnation and non-draining properties can be used in hand lay-up and injection process
  • glass transition temperatures up to 175 °C 


Application fields:

  • Injection moulds and other heat resistant moulds
  • Prototype injection



  • clear green
  • high heat resistance
  • demoulding possible after RT-curing


Application fields:

  • Thick laminates and heat resistance backfilling (e.g. composite moulds)




  • MDA free
  • very good temperature resistance
  • good wetting of the reinforcements
  • low shrinkage after curing


Application fields:

  • Heat resistance moulds, backfillings and composites structures