Product Description

  • very high dimensional accuracy
  • filled


Characteristics and Advantages

  • multi-purpose application with different hardeners
  • good soaking and wetting properties
  • high glass fibre addition possible
  • for true-to-size laminates
  • with glass or carbon fibres
  • with hardener Biresin® CH80-1 for some accelerated curing, with hardener Biresin® S12 and Biresin CH80-2® for extended potlife, but with increased curing rate and earlier demoulding for
    Biresin S12®


  • Manufacture of laminates with thickness of max. 10 mm
  • Backfilling of moulds, models and negatives
  • Manufacture of laminated foundry patterns
  • Manufacture of glass fibre laminates for duplicates of master models, for marking and copy models
  • Manufacture of glass fibre laminates for gauges for different applications




Biresin® L80 resin (A): 60 kg; 10 kg net
Biresin® CH80-1 hardener (B): 3 kg; 25 kg; 180 kg net
Biresin® CH80-2 hardener (B): 3 kg; 25 kg; 180 kg net
Biresin® S12 hardener (B): 15 kg; 2.5 kg; 9 x 0.4 kg net in a box