Product Description

  • laminating and multipurpose resin
  • available with different hardeners to reach various viscosity and potlife
  • proven standard laminating system for multipurpose use (ordinary laminates, coupling layer and backfillings)


Characteristics and Advantages

  • yellowish-transparent
  • multi-purpose application with different hardeners
  • good soaking and wetting properties
  • for high addition of fillers
  • with hardener Biresin® F4 for longer potlife and lower viscosity
  • with hardener Biresin® S10 for shorter potlife and thinner layers


  • Manufacture of true-to-size, mechanical resistant laminates with glass or carbon fibres
  • Manufacture of laminated foam and compression moulds
  • Backstampings of moulds, models, negatives and tools
  • Also used for coupling layers 




Biresin® LS resin (A): 220 kg; 50 kg; 20 kg net
Biresin® LS hardnener (B): 2.8 kg; 2.4 kg net
Biresin® F4 hardnener (B): 2.5 kg net
Biresin® S10 hardnener (B): 2.5 kg; 0.04 kg net