Product Description

  • green
  • low density epoxy laminating paste
  • very easy to mix
  • very low shrinkage
  • with EPOPAST 400: temperature resistance 70°C, demoulding time 24 HR
  • with EPOPAST 401: temperature resistance 60°C, demoulding time 12 HR

Characteristics and Advantages

  • easily workable
  • very low thermal expansion
  • good adhesion of fillers


  • For reinforcement of large negatives, models and moulds of low weight (e.g. foundry and ceramicindustry)
  • For negatives and tools, checking fixtures or positioning models.
  • Designed for fillets and reinforcements
  • Alternative to standard lamination techniques for production of laminates




   EPOPAST 402 RESIN (A)           EPOPAST 400/401 HARDENER (B)

                       10 kg                                                     1.4 kg