Biresin® M72


  • brown PUR model paste
  • good adhesion to EPS also without laminating layer
  • low internal stresses
  • milling already after 8 hrs with very low dust


Application fields:
Production of design, styling and cubing models as well as light moulds for boat building, automotive sector and wind power plants  

SC 180


  • brown EP paste
  • density 0,80 g/cm3
  • shore hardness D58
  • good thermal resistance (84 °C)

Application fields:
Models and mock-ups production by extrusion process

SC 175


  • light grey EP paste
  • density 0.63 g/cm3
  • shore hardness D53
  • high thermal resistance (83 °C)
  • very good surface aspect
  • good behaviour on vertical support up to 30 mm

Application fields: 
Mock-up and Plug making; polyvalent; marine; wind mill; other

SC 380


  • grey EP paste
  • density 0.82 g/cm3
  • shore hardness D67
  • high thermal resistance (83 °C)
  • multi-purpose
  • good strength

Application fields:
High quality models; plug making only; marine; others

SC 390


  • grey EP paste
  • density 1.06 g/cm³
  • shore hardness D75
  • high thermal resistance (91 °C)
  • high strength

Application fields:
Ideal for direct tooling; plug making; marine; aerospace;  «heavy
duty »

SC 258


  • light brown EP paste
  • mixed by hand or planetary mixer
  • density 0.6 g/cm3
  • shore hardness D60
  • applicable until 40 mm
  • quick hardening in thin coat
  • good adhesion on various supports (wood, PS/PUR foams, boards and on itself)

Application fields:
Style mock-ups; high dimension models; slight checking fixtures

Biresin® M67


  • close contour casting PUR paste
  • density: 0.86 g/cm³
  • dense surface low internal stresses
  • very good milling properties


Application fields:
Design, styling or cubing models, light weight laminating moulds