Product Description

  • PUR model paste
  • good adhesion to EPS also without laminating layer
  • low internal stresses
  • milling already after 8 hours with very low dust

Characteristics and Advantages

  • hard, low density material with high dimensional stability
  • after mixing the material becomes thixotropic and hangs well on vertical surfaces
  • fine, dense surface, easy to varnish
  • stress releasing formulation lowers distortion
  • easily workable


  • Machine application of paste on substructures for production of contour shaped machinable blanks for design-, styling- or cubing models
  • Biresin M72 resin with higher thixotropy
  • Biresin M72 Classic resin with better flowing properties




Biresin® M72 / M72 Classic, resin (A): 150 kg; 30 kg (only M72) net
Biresin® M70, hardener (B): 225 kg; 20 kg net
Biresin® Spachtel braun KT, resin (A): 2 x 8.74 kg cartridges; 6 x 1.76 kg tins in a box
BPO-Paste, hardener: 2 x 0.16 kg sticks (for cartridges) 6 x 0.04 kg tubes in a box (for tins)