Product Description

  • epoxy modelling paste for style
  • hardness 55 Shore D
  • manual epoxy paste (hand or planetary mixer) applicable until 40mm; quick hardening in thin coat and good adhesion on various supports (wood, PS/PUR foams, boards and on itself)

Characteristics and Advantages

  • mixing ratio by weight and volume : 1/1
  • mixing by hand or mechanical mixing
  • can be applied until 40 mm per coat
  • quick hardening in thin coat
  • adhesion on different supports such as wood, foam, machinable slabs, polystyrene, etc.
  • modifications and re-filling possible with SC 258 (support has to be sanded first)


Used by hand in 10 to 40 mm coat on a rough form. For style mock-ups, high dimension models, slight checking fixtures


light brown


   RESIN (A)           HARDENER (B)

      1 x 5 kg                    1 x 5 kg

      1 x 10 kg                  1 x 10 kg