Product Description

  • low pressure injection urethane
  • E-modulus: 2,000 MPa
  • Tg ~150°C

Characteristics and Advantages

  • good heat resistance
  • good impact resistance
  • easy to handle
  • sticky and paintable


  • Production of parts having mechanical properties close to those of thermoplastics such as polypropylene or polyethylene, in prototype and small and medium scale series with an excellent thermal resistance
  • Car industry: parts for passenger cell thermal application (heating, air conditioning, etc)
  • Diverse: any parts having a good temperature resistance and a good impact resistance




RIM 976 POLYOL Resin (A)           SikaBiresin® RG900 ISOCYANATE Hardener (B)

                1 x 18 kg                                                             1 x 18 kg