with B-component ESSIL 291 (Catalyst):

  • high transparency
  • good chemical resistance towards polyurethanes
  • vulcanized by polyaddition
  • very easy to mix and to cast
  • very low shrinkage when hardening at room temperature
  • dry surface

with B-component ESSIL 292 (Catalyst):

  • self bleeding silicone
  • improve moulds ageing
  • oily surface for better releasing and demoulding

Application fields:

Soft negatives, flexible moulds for the prototype industry. ESSIL 291 silicone is particularly suitable for casting resins (PX range) in a vacuum casting machine. Essil 292 Catalyst is advised to increase the number of parts in a same mould



  • vulcanized by polycondensation
  • high tear strength
  • available in slow and fast versions
  • high value for elongation at break
  • temperature resistance
  • thixotropic additive (ESSIL 126 THIXO)

Application fields:

Achievement of soft negatives by casting process and soft skin moulds dedicated to detailed shapes with undercuts; prototyping applications or small-scale serial production for Art & Decoparts



  • vulcanised by polyaddition
  • excellent reproduction of detail
  • slow linear shrinkage

Application fields:

Flexible moulds for manufacturing parts by casting (gypsum, resin). Tools for composite applications. Self-demoulding moulds for decorative concrete parts.