Automotive and Transportation

Sika Advanced Resins’s range for the automotive and transportation sector covers large thermoplastic, laminate composites and metallic assembles that require a wide spectrum of modulus from flexible to rigid material

Aerospace and Rail

Sika Advanced Resins's range of certified products has been used in the railway and aerospace industries for decades. SikaAxson designs products for specific, demanding applications such as leading edge assembly or honeycomb manufacturing

Marine and Leisure

Differing to the adhesives for Automotive and Transportation sector, adhesives for material composite applications in marine and leisure often require:

  • Long potlife products
  • Gap filling between substrates
  • Various composites laminates bonding abilities
  • Slight thixotropy for easy processing

Based on the experience acquired in high tech industries like automotive or aero, these products offer a wide range of adhesion for the majority of processes, from maintenance to industrial production