Product Description

  • for electronic component bonding
  • thixotropic 2 component polyurethane adhesive with long potlife
  • self-exinguishing, FAR25.853

Characteristics and Advantages

  • 2 component room temperature cure polyurethane adhesive
  • Non sagging paste product suitable for vertical applications and to fill irregular joints Slow setting product adapted to cover and bond big surfaces
  • Excellent vibrations, impacts and noise damping
  • Excellent behaviour at low temperatures
  • Product adapted to assemblies involving dissimilar materials
  • Excellent mechanical performances and ageing
  • Excellent strength to dynamic loads (vibrations and impacts)
  • Product adapted to stringent ageing and aggressive environments


ADEKIT®  A 211 is suitable for bonding  of  bodywork, bonding of electronic components, bonding of metallic structures (racing  vehicles, aeronautics), bonding of insert and composite structure where self extinguishing properties are required.


white to green


Adekit A211:
Box of 12 cartridges of 50 ml