Product Description

  • 2 component, non-filled structural epoxy adhesives for bonding honeycomb panels
  • thixotropic adhesive with long potlife for bonding large surfaces when mechanical and ageing as well as high peel resistance are required
  • used in Railway applications

Characteristics and Advantages

  • very good mechanical properties
  • very good resistance to ageing


H 9951 is a 2 part epoxy adhesive which is particularly suited to the bonding of panels: honeycomb, aluminium sheet, steel sheet, composite materials, wood, thermoplastics, foam, etc...


transparent pink


Adekit H 9951:
Box of tins 6x (0.50 + 0.31) kg
Pails: 5 + 3.1 kg
Pails: 25 + 15.5 kg
Drum: 220+ 190 kg