Product Description

  • 2 component, structural epoxy adhesive with high ageing resistance
  • high shear/peel/ageing resistance
  • reinforced with nanoparticles
  • self extinguishable according last european railway standard (EN 45545 HL3 for R1, R2, R3, R6, R7 and R17) and aerospace (EU and US) to EN 45545-2, FAR 25 (FAR 25§853) and AITM (ABD0031) Standards.
  • used in railway and aerospace applications for honeycomb panel bonding (skin to honeycomb)
  • suitable to bond large surface areas of, for instance, composites and plastics, metals etc.

Characteristics and Advantages

  • high performances two components epoxy adhesive, especially formulated to bond high dimensions surfaces and providing high level of mechanical and aging properties
  • nano enhanced systems
  • self extinguish
  • contains 250µm bead to calibrate adhesive thickness
  • high sheer and peel
  • long open time for big parts assembly


  • ADEKIT®  H9952  is a high performances adhesive that is especially formulated for large area bonding
  • it offers high mechanical performance and ageing resistance
  • areas such as: Bonding of panels, honeycomb, aluminium sheet, stainless-steel sheet, composite materials, wood, thermoplastics, foam… Bonding of Carbon & glass epoxy composite, Polyester composite, metal structures




Adekit H9952:
Box of 12 Cartridges of 50 ml
Box of 12 Cartridges of 400 ml
Pail of (2x 39 + 37) kg