Products offered in Marine and Leisure combine long open time, high gap filling capacities, composite bonding capacities and thixotropy for an easier process.


  • 2 component structural polyurethane adhesive for large composite parts bonding
  • Allows gaps up to 40 mm and parts assembly with large dimensions (deck/hull, wind mill)
  • Exist in 2 cure speeds (25 and 120 min open time)
  • Available in cartridge, hand mix kit and pail for machine dispense
  • Used by leisure boat manufacturer leaders, Lloyd’s Register


  • 2 component, structural epoxy adhesive with long potlife
  • pasty constructive adhesive with long pot life
  • for large composite parts, repair and maintenance
  • good mechanical performances
  • Impact resistant (15N/mm)
  • chemical and temperature resistance

ADEKIT® A 310-1

  • 2 component, multipurpose methacrylate adhesive
  • excellent mechanical and thermal performances up to 120 °C
  • thermoplastic aspect
  • product able to bond dissimilar materials