Product Description

  • 2 component structural polyurethane adhesive for large composite parts bonding
  • Exist in 2 cure speeds (25 and 120 min open time)
  • Available in cartridge, hand mix kit and pail for machine dispense
  • Used by leisure boat manufacturer leaders, Lloyd’s Register

Characteristics and Advantages

  • Non sagging paste product with gap fill up to 30mm in vertical and ceiling application; 60mm in horizontal
  • Exist in grey and ultra white
  • Excellent strength to dynamic loads (vibration and impact)
  • Odour and solvent free
  • Long open time with reduced handling time
  • Lloyds Nautical Certification


Bonding of large composite parts (RTM, SMC, GRP, Laminate), metallic structures, plywood for application requiring high performances and flexibility in transport industries (truck, bus) and Marine (hull bonding, deck bonding, interior design). Exist in 3 cure speeds.


White or grey


Adekit A 236-25 and Adekit A 236-120:
Box of 12 cartridges at 400 ml

Pail: (28 + 30) kg

Pail: (28 + 30) kg
Kit ready to mix (5.5 + 6) kg