PX 5210


  • high transparency (water clear)
  • easy polishing
  • high reproduction accuracy
  • flexural modulus 2.400 MPa
  • Tg ~95 °C /100 °C
  • good UV resistance
  • easy processing
  • high stability under temperature

Application fields:

with B-component PX5212: transparent parts until a 10 mm thickness; crystal glass like parts; fashion, jewelery, art and decoration parts, lenses for lights.
with B-component PX5213: transparent parts until a 100 mm thickness; crystal glass like parts; art and decoration parts

PX 223 HT


  • flexural modulus 2.300 MPa
  • Tg >120°C
  • low viscosity for easy casting
  • good impact and flexural resistance
  • good chemical resistance
  • low aggressiveness on silicone moulds

Application fields:
Universal system to match ABS type thermoplastic when temperature resistance is required.

PX 234 HT


  • flexural modulus 1.850 MPa
  • Tg ~220°C
  • low viscosity
  • fast demoulding
  • good impact resistance
  • two potlifes available
  • colourable

Application fields:

All parts with very good thermal resistance such as PA6.6, PPS PEEK

PX 280


  • flexural modulus 2.800 MPa
  • Tg ~80°C
  • compliance with directive2002/72/CE
  • compliance withdirective 2007/19/CE regarding food contact
  • compliance with FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 regulation for repeated use
  • good mechanical properties


Application fields:
Could be cast by hand, 2K or vacuum machine to achieve ABS type parts. Could be used for parts in contact with aqueous, acid and greasy foods; none homologated for liquid contact

PX 331


  • flexural modulus 3.700 MPa
  • Tg ~100°C
  • self-extinguishing FAR25 certified
  • UL 94 V0 in 3 mm
  • fast demoulding
  • can be easily coloured with CP pigments

Application fields:

All parts in general industry or aeronautic when requiring a fire classification.