Sika® Liquid Wax-815


  • release agent
  • milky colour
  • low viscosity
  • fast drying
  • wax dispersion

Sika® Pasty Wax-818


  • whitish colour
  • pasty wax
  • fast drying
  • high thermal resistance

Release Agent 851


  • whitish colour
  • fast drying liquid release agent
  • wax dispersion

Release Spray 870


  • transparent
  • wax release agent as aerosol spray
  • silicone free

Sika® Handclean


  • cloths impregnated with a high performance, liquid and cleaning formula
  • time saving: cleaning direct at workplace
  • fast cleaning of machines, tools and accessories

Sika® Reinigungsmittel-5


  • clear transparent
  • mild solvent blend for cleaning of tools and surfaces

Sika® Coating Aktivator


  • clear transparent
  • solvent containing bonding activator
  • for cleaning and better bonding of SikaBlock M960 with PUR adhesive

Sika® Cleaner-205 / Activator 205


  • colourless
  • primer with low viscosity for nonporous surfaces
  • increasing of bonding of elastomeric PUR-Systems (Biresin U1320 NT) on prepared aluminium substructures