Marine Polyester Fillers and Adhesives

Polyester filling and fairing compounds are used for a variety of bonding and filling applications. These two-part formulations provide the user both unique ease of handling and high performance characteristics.  Polyester Fillers provide smooth creamy handling consistency with a dry tack-free surface when cured. These systems are ideal for bonding, filling and repairing fiberglass reinforced plastics during marine fabrication.

Marine Epoxy Laminating Systems

Sika Advanced Resin US laminating systems result in high-grade laminates with excellent strength developed for fabricating, repairing or restoring all types of marine vessels.

Marine Epoxy Fairing Systems

Trowleable or sprayable fairing compounds for applications on surface imperfections on aluminum, steel and fiberglass marine vessels. These epoxy fairing systems result in a strong, non-porous finish which is easy to sand.  A two-component epoxy coating material developed for filling the weave in glass cloth is also available.

Marine Extrudable Epoxy Paste Materials

Large size models and tools are made with extrudable polyurethane and epoxy pastes providing a workable surface applied onto a stable core substructure. This technique is widely used to make plugs for boats. This technology is beneficial versus other conventional methods and offers lighter models with a smooth and seamless surface. Epoxy modeling pastes provide high dimensional stability and heat resistance for models or direct tooling applications in composite parts making.


Sika has developed a full line of marine products for the manufacture, maintenance and repair of leisure boats and yachts from sealing to structural bonding.  Sika helps the boat owner maintain theiir valuable asset by protecting against the elements and maintaining watertight seals and bonds for a variety of substrates, open times and applications, from caulking to leveling to bedding to sealing and bonding