Product Description

  • UV-resistant, 100% solids epoxy laminating system
  • peak operating temperature: 150 °F
  • color: light amber
  • 4 hardener choices (fast/medium/slow/tropical)
  • mixed viscosity: 460 - 1,000 cps
  • pot life: 14-125 min (200 g)

Characteristics and Advantages

  • low/moderate mixed viscosity for easy fabric wet-out and resistance to vertical drain
  • high strength and durability
  • four hardener choices (convenient 3:1 volumetric mix ratios)
  • UV resistant
  • above or below waterline applications
  • RoHS and REACH compliant
  • epoxy (non-styrene)
  • excellent bond to all fabrics


  • high performance marine boats, parts, and tooling applications
  • composite parts and structures
  • suitable for wet layup and vacuum-bagging
  • suitable for aramid fiber laminates
  • these systems can also be mixed with a variety of fillers for fairing, filleting or bonding applications



light amber