Spartite, which is endorsed by spar manufacturers, boat builders and riggers, is perfect for any keel step mast on boats from 19' Lightnings to 247' Super Yachts. Shipped as standard or optional equipment on J Boats, Pacific Seacraft, Saga, Little Harbor, Alden, Corel 45, Carroll Marine, Santa Cruz, Wally Yachts, Sabre, Deerfoot and numerous custom and one-design yachts.

It can be found on America's Cups yachts: maxi yachts like "Falcon", "Boomerang", "Morning Glory", "Exile", "Sayanora", and "Sagamore" and turbo sleds "Donnybrook", "Pyewacket" and "Cheval". Used on classic yachts such as "White Hawk", "Adela", "Velsheda" and "Amerca", or Super Yachts "Thalia", "Wally Gator" "Zeus", "Happy Four", "Mirabella V" and "Teal".

Spar manufacturers like Offshore Spars, Southern Spars and Sparcraft recommend Spartite.  Its strength and correct flexibility provide effective force dampening when working through seas and it gives the spar more cushion against the partners if excessive mast bending loads are applied.

The Spartite ring shrinks less than one thousandth of an inch and when installed properly will radically reduce or eliminate leaking at the partners.  Spartite ensures secure and correct mast position at the partners all season and makes correct placement of the mast in the partners automatic whenever the mast is re-steped.  This is an excetional feature for racers who trailer regattas, sailors who remove their spars annually and boats with unique rig placements.

Racers who like to move their mast fore and aft to adjust to conditions can pour Spartite to fix the athwart ship position of the mast and allow space fore and aft for quick, easy adjustments by the addition or removal of spacers.  Under sail, the one-piece structure of Spartite eliminates the problem of wedges falling out or moving.