Product Description

  • Tg ~100°C
  • thixotropic A-Component provides an optimal mixed viscosity
  • good wetting behaviour and good non draining properties
  • curing cycles of 12 minutes at 80°C are possible

Characteristics and Advantages

  • one resin with three hardeners with different reactivity
  • low exothermal reaction temperature due to long potlife


  • In particular for filament winding and wet lay-up processing
  • Specially for applications when low reactivity and a long potlife are required  


see Product Data Sheet


Biresin® CR84 resin (A): 1000 kg; 200 kg; 10 kg net
Biresin® CH84-20 hardener (B): 180 kg; 3 kg net
Biresin® CH120-6 hardener (B): 900 kg; 20 kg; 3 kg net