Product Description

  • epoxy laminating resin For Interior Aircraft Maintenance, according to RS C-M-00260/01 + AIMS 04-27-002/01
  • For use in the construction, assembly and maintenance of interior composite components on new and existing commercial aircraft
  • Tg >95°C

Characteristics and Advantages

  • self-extinguishing according to FAR 25
  • temperature resistance
  • short demoulding time
  • good mechanical properties


  • EPOLAM 2500-2501 is a self-extinguishing resin laminating system designed for the impregnation of substrates used in aircraft interiors
  • EPOLAM 2500-2501 has been approved for the repair of on-board composite components (AIRBUS RS C-M-00260 Issue 1 and AIMS 04-27-002 Issue 1), "Repair of Composite Components in the Fuselage"


see Product Data Sheet


   Epolam 2500 Resin (A)           Epolam 2501 Hardener (B)

                6 kg                                                   1.08 kg