UR 3490


  • higher shore hardness D 67
  • good abrasion and impact resistance
  • good heat resistance (Tg ~100°C)
  • low toxicity

Application fields:

Coldbox cores boxes and match plates with higher shore hardness and heat resistance

UR 3558


  • 95 Shore A polyurethane casting system
  • very good abrasion, impact and tear resistance
  • pot life (140g mass):  25 minutes



  • foundry tooling
  • core boxes
  • wear-resistant tooling
  • assembly fixtures

UR 3560


  • 60 Shore D polyurethane casting system
  • abrasion and impact resistance
  • pot life (140g mass):  15 - 20 minutes



  • foundry tooling
  • core boxes
  • wear-resistant tooling
  • assembly fixtures



  • 60 Shore D polyurethane casting system
  • physical properties include high impact strength, low shrinkage and easy processing.
  • pot life (1 lb mass):  12 - 15 minutes



long lasting molds, industrial wheels, drop hammer faces, washers, gaskets, foundry patterns, core box linings



  • tough-elastic with shore hardness of approx. A 98 / D 54
  • high rebound elasticity
  • good flowability
  • fast curing
  • high tensile strength and high abrasion resistance

Application fields:

That shore hardness of around A 98 offers highest abrasion resistance of core boxes also opposite the shooting nozzles due to the high rebound elasticity

  • Biresin U1419 hardener (B) with 6-7 min potlife for smaller core boxes and short demoulding time
  • Biresin U1458 hardener (B) with 20 min potlife for bigger core boxes



  • tough-elastic with Shore D 62/66
  • proven market leader of nontoxic foundry resins for series core boxes
  • simple handcasting without post curing
  • both components without toxic classification
  • Biresin® U1320 L Neu hardener (B): long version - 16 min potlife (beige)
  • very high abrasion resistance
  • unsensitive to moisture
  • very good impact resistance and tensile strength

Applications fields:
Long-life surface layers of coldbox core boxes and match plates in foundries also in larger sizes