Product Description

Variable hardness:

  • with Biresin® U1302 Shore hardness A73
  • with Biresin® U1402 Shore hardness A81
  • with Biresin® U1419 Shore hardness A90



Characteristics and Advantages

  • insensitive to moisture
  • rubbery
  • good tensile strength and elasticity
  • very low shrinkage
  • dyeable with Biresin® Farbpasten


  • Casting of flexible moulds for ceramic and gypsum processing
  • Moulds for concrete mouldings
  • Manufacture of flexible mouldings and components 




Biresin® U1303 resin (A): 200 kg; 20 kg; 10 kg; box with 6 x 1 kg net
Biresin® U1302 hardener (B): 4 kg; box with 6 x 0.4 kg net 
Biresin® U1402 hardener (B): 7 kg; 1 kg net
Biresin® U1419 hardener (B): 16 kg: 1.6 kg; 0.16 kg net