Filled FastCast Resins

Filled fastcast resins are especially suitable for making e.g. master, core models, negatives and patterns with large dimensions and are characterized by low shrinkage.

Unfilled FastCast Resins

The unfilled fastcast resins are usually used for making detailed models and mouldings with thin walls due to their excellent flowability. They can, however, be casted in thicker layers by adding filling materials to them.

PUR and Backfill Casting Systems

PUR and backfill casting systems are suitable above all for inexpensive solutions for production equipment by mass casting or ballfill casting.

Epoxy Casting Resins for Models and Tooling

Typical advantages of EP resins are their good resistance to mechanical, chemical or thermal influence and easy processing due to low shrinkage and low moisture sensitivity.

Heat Resistant EP Casting Resins

Filled epoxy casting resins with high heat resistance

Transparent EP Casting Resins

The transparent EP systems offers high transparency and are mainly used for glass clear embedding, coating of decorative arts and transparent parts.