AC 2310

  • surface casting system designed to provide a hard, wear resistant surface on metal forming dies.
  • choice of two hardeners, standard and fast
  • longer tool life



  • abrasion resistant, room-temp epoxy surface casting system used for metal stretch forming tools, drop hammer dies, hydroforming dies and RTM molds


  • iron filled, room-temperature mass casting epoxy system 
  • choice of 3 hardeners depending on thickness of cast
  • by utilizing fillers and the proper hardener, size of the casting is almost limitless



  • mass casting resin used as the backup material for casting applications such as plastic draw dies for forming metal parts
  • prototype and short run production parts can be accomplished with minimal cost  


  • aluminum filled system designed for high impact resistance
  • choice of 3 hardeners depending on thickness of cast
  • peak operating temp using TCC-105 hardener:  240F



  • casting surfaces on prototype stamping dies or mass casting applications where high-impact resistance is desired.



  • green
  • filled
  • excellent flowability
  • high additional filler loading is possible - low shrinkage
  • high dimensional accuracy
  • casting thickness up to 100 mm
  • pressure resistant - but workable (Backfill casting system)


Application fields:

  • For backfilling in foundry pattern and mould making



  • black
  • filled
  • high dimensional accuracy
  • very hard
  • pressure resistant and high abrasion resistant - hardly workable
  • heat resistant after post curing


Application fields:

  • Cupping tools, drop hammer matrixes,hydroforming and rubber cushion tools for metalsheet forming
  • Abrasion resistant guiding rails and support for engineering



  • allrounder resin with good workability (black) 
  • offers good compressive strength and abrasion resistance (e.g. in foundry patterns)
  • low shrinkage and high accuracy


Application fields:

  • Production of casting molds and stamping tools for sheet metal forming foundry patterns, copy patterns, core boxes