Product Description

  • filled
  • excellent flowability
  • high additional filler loading is possible - low shrinkage
  • high dimensional accuracy
  • casting thickness up to 100 mm
  • pressure resistant - but workable (Backfill casting system)

Characteristics and Advantages

  • good flowability and long potlife
  • high casting thickness, unfilled up to 40 mm, dependent on thermal conductivity of the mould material
  • can be filled with high contents, e. g. of
  • aluminium grit up to 100:100 pbw per resin component
  • casting thicknesses more than 100 mm are possible with hardener Biresin® F2, filled with aluminium grit
  • good mechanical properties, e. g. hardness


  • For backfilling in foundry pattern and mould making




Biresin® G32 resin (A): 25 kg; 5 kg net
Biresin® F4 hardener (B): 2.5 kg net
Biresin® F2 hardener (B): 15 kg; 2.5 kg net