Product Description

  • filled
  • high dimensional accuracy
  • very hard
  • pressure resistant and high abrasion resistant - hardly workable
  • heat resistant after post curing


Characteristics and Advantages

  • very good flowability
  • very good degassing
  • very hard and high abrasion resistant
  • very low shrinkage
  • very high edge stability and compressive strength
  • in open moulds casting thickness up to 25 mm possible


  • Embedding of abrasion resistant ways
  • Cupping tools, drop hammer matrixes, hydroforming and rubber cushion tools for metal sheet forming
  • Marking and copy models
  • Accomodations for appliances and tools
  • Casting of punch ways and punch holders




Biresin® G33 (A+B) Pack: 6.15 kg net
Biresin® G33 resin (A): 5.8 kg net
Biresin® S15 hardener (B): 5 kg; 0.5 kg; 0.35 kg net