Product Description

  • filled
  • can be casted up to 40 mm
  • good flowability
  • pressure resistant - but workable
  • high heat resistance after post curing

Characteristics and Advantages

  • good flowability and good degassing
  • casting thickness up to 40 mm
  • demoulding without heat treatment
  • only low shrinkage
  • good mechanical properties, at elevated temperatures too
  • increasing of good mechanical properties after post
  • curing cured mouldings mechanically workable


  • Manufacture of heat resistant moulds, e. g. vacuumforming moulds
  • Casting of heat resistant backfillings of foundry patterns
  • Casting of heat resistant mouldings




Biresin® G38 resin (A): 10 kg; 5 kg net
Biresin® G38 hardener (B): 0.7 kg net