product description

  • a high temperature two-component, unfilled system designed for use with a wide variety of fillers for mass casting applications
  • add granular and bulk grain fillers, N-60 and N-6, to control exotherm and shrinkage
  • Tg by DMA: 270°F
  • shore hardness:  89 D

characteristics and Advantages

  • can be used in place of more expensive aluminum filled casting materials
  • when mixed with fillers, EC-439 offers the user low CTE, high HDT, long work life, good thermal conductivity and high compressive strength
  • can be used at elevated temperatures up to 300°F after post cure


  • applications include: prototype injection molds, resin transfer molds (RTM), LPMC molds, compression molds, vacuum form molds, reaction injection molds (RIM), and other high temperature mass cast applications