Product Description

  • mass casting polyurethane resin
  • must be filled
  • very low shrinkage
  • offers lower viscosity and are used unfilled by face casting process
  • can be filled with high filler loading to use them as high-grade mass casting systems with high strength values

Characteristics and Advantages

  • very low shrinkage
  • low exothermic reaction
  • casting in high thickness (400 mm)
  • adhesion between successive layers


  • Negatives, moulds masters and mock-ups using the unfilled product or filled with RZ 30150 mineral filler in order to limit exotherm and to get low shrinkage
  • Stamping tools using the product filled with RZ 209/6 aluminum powder in order to improve the surface gliding




F 50  POLYOL Resin (A)           F 50 ISOCYANATE Hardener (B)

            1 x  5 kg                                               1 x 10 kg

           1 x 10 kg                                               1 x 20 kg